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March 2015 - Dutch-Belgian Haptics Meeting
On March 27, 2015, many of the H-Haptics members attended the Dutch-Belgian Haptics Meeting, held at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences of the VU University in Amsterdam. This meeting serves to help haptic researchers network with one another, while allowing for informal, yet technical, discussions about ongoing work.

November 2014 - 3rd H-Haptics Autumn School
The third H-Haptics Autumn School was held on November 10-12, 2014 at TU Delft. As many of the PhDs are nearing the end of their program, this Autumn School was focused on potential career options. Through presentations and interactive activities, the PhDs learned about different opportunities, funding possibilities, and personal experiences from both academic and entrepreneurship perspectives.

November 2014 - Dig-IT!
On November 11, 2015, the H-Haptics program was also represented at the DIG-it! event held at TU Delft. Here, researchers had the opportunity to exhibit their research to a large number of visiting companies and the community.

May 2014 - 3rd H-Haptics Symposium
The third H-Haptics Symposium was held on May 19-20, 2014, where all PhDs presented the progress of their work. In addition, all researchers, PIs, and company representatives participated in a brainstorming session about research areas that have been addressed in our program, and what we hope to address in the near future.

November 2013 - 2nd H-Haptics Autumn School

The second H-Haptics Autumn School was a big success. Four groups of PhDs prepared, performed, and analyzed a haptic experiment - all within four days! Some of the work progressed towards publishable papers - more info about that to come.

June 2013 - Dutch-Belgian Haptics Meeting
Several H-Haptics members visited the Dutch-Belgian Haptics Meeting, organized at KU Leuven. Vincent Hayward and Jeroen Smeets provided the keynote talks.

May 2013 - 2nd H-Haptics Symposium
The second H-Haptics symposium was held on May 27-28, 2013, where all PhDs presented their progress.

April 2013 - World Haptics Conference
Several H-Haptics project members presented their work at the World Haptics Conference 2013 in Seoul, in addition to organizing workshops and special sessions.

January 2013 - H-Haptics in the media

H-Haptics received special attention on the NWO website (in Dutch)
Also, H-Haptics was featured in a movie, presentations and stands at the kick-off meeting of the Delft Robotics Institute, on Friday 25th of January. 

November 2012 - H-Haptics Autumn School

The first autumn school of H-Haptics was held at Delft University of Technology, from November 5-8. 
The four-day scientific program involved presentations from the principal investigators and external expert Angelika Peer (TU München). 

October 2012 - Shared Control at the IEEE SMC Conference in Korea
David Abbink co-organized a workshop on shared control in a wide variety of applications, with panel members prof Bülthoff (MPI), prof. del R. Millán (EPFL), and prof Boer (DUT). The workshop was a big success and a Technical Committee on Shared Control for the IEEE SMC was formed on the spot.  

October 2012 - Frans v/d Helm 'Simon Stevin Meester; 
Project leader Frans v/d Helm received the prestigious award of Simon Stevin Meester, awarded by H-Haptics sponsor STW. In itself a big honour, he will also receive 500.000 euro to spend on research. 

May 2012 - 1st H-Haptics Symposium
The first H-Haptics symposium will be held in the Netherlands on May 30-31. It will bring together all researchers in the H-Haptics programme to present progress, exchange ideas and brainstorm. Check out more information here.

March 2012 - 1st User Committee Meeting
The first Program Committee Meeting was held at the grounds of STW in Utrecht, bringing together the recently hired PhDs with the representatives from the associated companies to discuss plans and deliverables. Future Committee Meetings are announced here.

September 2011 - H-Haptics Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting of the H-Haptics project was held at Delft University of Technology on September 2, 2011. Over 40 researchers, company representatives, and prospective PhD students attended this meeting.