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Let's introduce the H-Haptics Programme Committee

The program committee of H-Haptics consists of the project leaders of the seven individual projects, and the project organizers.
The program committee meets roughly once every 3 months, click here for a list of planned and passed meetings. The goal is to stimulate increased collaboration between the individual projects, to further exchange ideas and brainstorm.

Programme Organizers
Frans van der Helm                        
David Abbink                                   

Project 1
Henk Nijmeijer
Astrid Kappers

Project 2
Just Herder
Rob Munnig Schmidt
Maarten Steinbuch
David Abbink

Project 3 
Sarthak Misra
John van den Dobbelsteen

Project 4 
Jeroen Smeets
Alfred Schouten

Project 5 
Andre Schiele
Rene van Paassen

Project 6
Arno Stienen
David Abbink

Project 7 
Sape Miedema
David Abbink