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Project 2: Novel master devices for haptic shared control

People involved:

Prof. dr. ir. Just Herder
Project function: Project Leader 2; Supervisor 2.1
Organisation: Delft Universtiy of Technology

Prof. dr. ir. Maarten Steinbuch
Project function: Supervisor 2.3
Organisation: TU Eindhoven David Abbink
Project function: Co-Principal Investigator H-Haptics; Supervisor 2.3, 6.2, 7.2
Organisation: Delft University of Technology, BioMechanical Engineering

MSc Patrice Lambert
Project function: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2.1
Organisation: Delft University of Technology

Ir. Teun Hoevenaars
Project function: PhD Candidate, 2.2
Organisation: Delft Universtiy of Technology, PME

Ir. Jeroen Wildenbeest
Project function: PhD Candidate, 2.3
Organisation: Delft University of Technology, BioMechanical Engineering

Prof. dr. ir. Frans van der Helm
Project function: Principal Investigator H-Haptics
Organisation: Delft University of Technology

Project goal

In Project 2 of the H-Haptics programme we will develop a master device, i.e. the device that is handled by the human operator, that will allow unprecedented transparency if needed, but will also allow different levels of impedance (e.g., for haptic shared control to become more dominant).

The project is subdivided in three parts:
WP2.1 Systematic synthesis method
Goal: The development of a systematic synthesis method for the design of multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical structures that can provided the desired type and range of motion.
WP2.2 Mechatronic optimal design
Goal: Develop optimization principles for the design of a haptic parallel master device taking the complete telemanipulation system into account. This will allow evaluation of the synthesis method developed under WP2.1 and enable the effective development of a master device with the desired capabilities and characteristics.
WP2.3 Shared control implementation
Goal: Developing a methodology to design shared control with natural understanding of human intentions and response to forces and vice versa, a system which provides the human with unambiguous information about task and environment; an Intuitive Haptic Shared Control System. The shared control will be implemented on the master developed in the above projects, with fusion remote handling as a reference application.

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